Moldavites are starving

Moldavite continues to be a popular rock due to its beauty and mysterious origin. They can be found in a variety of states: they are available in a rough or polished form and jewelry is made with them. They are available in a limited quantity, and there will not be new ones unless a meteorite lands on Earth ( about the moldavite source), helpful hints!

On the surface of plowed fields in spring/autumn, it is easy to spot moldavites. You will find more and better quality moldavites below the surface in sandy and clay soils ( The difference between surface and dug mouldavites). These moldavites can be extracted with heavy machinery or by single hunters who use hand tools and do not require the use of machines. The Czech Republic has two legal moldavite-extraction projects. Single hunters often work illegally.

Besednice has many famous moldavites, including the “hedgehogs”. They have a highly structured surface, which is a deep sculpture. Their thorns may reach 1 inch in length. In Besednice (Besednice Hedgehog deposits), the first official extract was allowed. Within a few short years, all the good green stones had been extracted.

In 2016, leftover sand & clay was extracted from the site Dobrkovska Lhotka. It was once rich in moldavites, which were mined there for decades. The lake complex has replaced the original deposit.

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