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Obukalabanda: A Tale of Wooden Sandals

Years ago, a time when the world was still simple and beautiful, wooden sandals were en vogue. This was a pre-era of today’s Gucci, Miu...

From Home of Impalas to Towering Kampala city

Legend traces its story to just before the colonialists set foot here. A little town in central Uganda would flourish into the pivot of...

Entebbe Emerges As a Dazzling Snare for Tourists

Entebbe. It’s a town of civility and bright reflections. A town of dazzling history and paradoxes. A town of both old and new. A...

Celebrating the Uganda Martyrs’ Day

Uganda martyrs day is celebrated every 3rd June of every day and many people flock to the Uganda Martyrs' Basilica Namugongo to remember these...


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From Blogging to empowering girls, this Ugandan woman is changing her world

When she is not blogging, her mind is preoccupied with creating community transformation, enabling girls to understand menstrual hygiene and being able to offer...
Lake Bunyonyi

Holiday at Lake Bunyonyi

Lake Bunyonyi is one of the most scenic places in Uganda famous to travelers who take a circuit to the attractions in the western...
Uganda Rift Valley

Uganda’s Great Rift Valley

Which fact would you rather know: That Ernest Hemingway did not die in either of the two plane crashes he suffered in Uganda but actually...

Of Chicken and Christmas in UGANDA

o every year a good number of chicken say goodbye Chicken for Christmas to December on that merry day called Christmas. Ugandans love to celebrate Christmas to...

Big-heart is synonymous to Ugandans.

On a random evening, people will be gathered in restaurants, bars, and homes to fund-raise for a wedding or a surprise birthday party. We...

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This Organisation is continuously tailoring projects to save the girl child and support needy...

Started a few years ago, local tailoring entrepreneur Harry Patel under his company Tengi Styles has over the years joined the helping hand supporting...

Uganda’s kitenge craze

It is one of those trends that has taken over the fashion world by storm. It has been widely accepted worldwide and seeing it...

Musana Carts, an innovation to make street vendor’s lives better in Uganda

You know that rolex guy near home or in town? Well, he no longer has to suffer with KCCA taking his stove or use...