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Obukalabanda: A Tale of Wooden Sandals

Years ago, a time when the world was still simple and beautiful, wooden sandals were en vogue. This was a pre-era of today’s Gucci, Miu...

From Home of Impalas to Towering Kampala city

Legend traces its story to just before the colonialists set foot here. A little town in central Uganda would flourish into the pivot of...

Entebbe Emerges As a Dazzling Snare for Tourists

Entebbe. It’s a town of civility and bright reflections. A town of dazzling history and paradoxes. A town of both old and new. A...

Celebrating the Uganda Martyrs’ Day

Uganda martyrs day is celebrated every 3rd June of every day and many people flock to the Uganda Martyrs' Basilica Namugongo to remember these...


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Gorilla Habituation

Don’t Miss the 4 Hour Gorilla Habituation Experience

The major activity in Bwindi Forest is gorilla tracking within the impenetrable jungles. However there is a new activity that has been introduced in...
Nile Basin

Economists offer New Perspectives on Optimizing Benefits of Nile Basin

ENTEBBE, Uganda – Renowned economists from within and beyond the Nile Basin this week met in Entebbe, Uganda for a two-day forum, under the...

The inspiring story of Ricky Rapa Thompson

Ricky Papa Thompson is one of those Ugandans dedicated to solving problems with passion and entrepreneurship as the main building blocks. Originally a Boda...

Meet 1620 footsteps: A design firm pimping your ride the African way

African print is the new thing! Jumpers, shirts, shoes, trousers name it, have already transformed the way we view fashion in Uganda or Africa...

Food, Education, Clothes & Shelter: Ddiba’s Way of Rehabilitating Street Children

oseph Ddiba 28, is the Founder and Team Leader at Ba Nga Afayo (Act like you care) Initiative Uganda, a youth-led charity organization providing...

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A Meet Up with Uganda Gorillas in Bwindi Forest

I waited enthusiastically for an opportune moment to go gorilla trekking so as to view for myself all about these highly hyped relatives of...
Uganda Tourism

Uganda Tourism Boom has Just Started

It has been a remarkably good year for the Uganda tourism industry. Visits to national parks have increased significantly. More international airlines have commenced...

This map shows what every country in this world is best at – Uganda...

Every country on this planet is good at something. Estonia is renowned for start-ups, Brazil for its footballers, Uganda for its entrepreneurs, and Germany for...