Addiction Therapy and Substance Abuse Treatment – The Role of the Family

Prior to Substance Abuse Treatment/Intervention

The way to involve your family with addiction therapy abuse treatment is going to be different for each family. In your locality, there are counsellors that are specially trained to deal with patients who are addicted to drugs and alcohol and their families. These counselors can assist in the process of intervention. However, you may want to talk to someone privately to encourage him or her to go to treatment. What ever approach you use, understand that the power of the family dynamic is immense in drug and/or alcohol addiction. Addressing a unhealthy imbalance in communication will help your loved one move toward inpatient or outpatient addiction treatment. Such positive involvement in the lives of family members can be a catalyst for their own recovery.

What to Expect During Substance Abuse Therapy

If an intervention occurs, it is best if the addict will have to go into an outpatient drug abuse treatment or inpatient alcoholism program. Patients and their families benefit from different outpatient or inpatient programs, depending on what they need and can afford. The benefits of an outpatient program include the fact that families aren’t separated, patients attend classes in facilities near their homes and they can receive treatment for a long time. Residents (inpatients) are transported to a facility, where they receive an intensive recovery and detoxification program. This program can last up to 30 days. As they are immersed within the treatment process, the patients cannot leave. The family is still important. Many inpatient rehab programs promote frequent contact with family members.

This is because, as previously stated, each patient’s needs are different. However, inpatient substance abuse therapy has the advantage of being able to remove the addicted person from the environment that nurtured their addiction. They can then focus solely on the treatment without any distraction. It is also a benefit to family members and friends, because they can gain a fresh perspective on their loved ones addiction and how to change their behavior. Families are encouraged to participate in periodic sessions with the patient once they have been admitted into a drug abuse treatment program. They can then step back, and see negative behaviors. In the case of well-meaning relatives and friends who become involved in codependency or enabling with a patient, before they begin addiction therapy. In many cases, when family members ignore the issue, they unintentionally contribute to the addiction. Some family members become resentful and angry when they don’t feel like they can address an issue because of fearing to anger their loved one or increase the addiction. The family can often break the addiction cycle by assessing their actions and environments while the loved one receives treatment.

Not at all. This does not mean that patients are isolated from their family members and friends. Residential substance abuse programs are designed to focus equally on the recovery of the addict’s mental health as they do their physical well-being. Addiction treatment is heavily supported by frequent and positive family involvement. It is important that families support a patient in recovery from addiction. This can be done by involving them not just during weekends or weekdays, but also through educational programs and workshops.

Al Anon and Nar Anon meetings are open to all family members or friends of those in residential drug abuse treatment. This free program is held throughout the United States and aims to give support in a group setting to families and friends who suffer from drug or alcohol abuse. In the meetings, you will learn how to help an addict find assistance with their addiction. You can also build your family while going through addiction treatment. Family involvement is crucial to these programs, which support the friends and family both during and post-treatment.

Substance Abuse Treatment Programs

When it comes to drug and alcohol dependence, the process of addiction therapy has no definitive “end.” Families who struggle with the addiction of their loved ones should continue to attend Al Anon or Nar Anon sessions (or perhaps both) regularly in order for them to have a supportive and educational program. The family must be involved with those who have drug or alcohol addictions, and this means attending meetings both before and after a formal treatment session. The meetings are not just a way to educate people about drug and/or alcohol addiction so they can support the person they love, but also to offer emotional support. This is especially important during times of stress and difficulty. In addition, by continuing to attend Al Anon/Nar Anon meetings the family and friends of an addict can remain out of the destructive cycles of enabling codependency. They will also be able to fully benefit from the addiction treatment.

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