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Obukalabanda: A Tale of Wooden Sandals

Years ago, a time when the world was still simple and beautiful, wooden sandals were en vogue. This was a pre-era of today’s Gucci, Miu...

From Home of Impalas to Towering Kampala city

Legend traces its story to just before the colonialists set foot here. A little town in central Uganda would flourish into the pivot of...

Celebrating the Uganda Martyrs’ Day

Uganda martyrs day is celebrated every 3rd June of every day and many people flock to the Uganda Martyrs' Basilica Namugongo to remember these...


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Uganda’s kitenge craze

It is one of those trends that has taken over the fashion world by storm. It has been widely accepted worldwide and seeing it...
Rafting the Nile River

Things to Do Along the Nile River in Jinja

River Nile is the world’s longest River flowing for 6600km until it pours its water into Mediterranean Sea. The source of River Nile is...

Brussels Airlines Announces Daily Flights to Entebbe

Brussels Airlines will go the ‘Extra Smile‘ for their Ugandan travelers on a daily basis, come December this year. From presently five flights a week...

Top 5: The most popular airlines in Uganda

Over the past few weeks Jumia Travel has allowed them to recognize airline trends and discover some of the most popular airlines in Uganda....
Mobile Technology

Mobile Technology a big win for Business in Africa

The proliferation of smart mobile technology in the hands of almost a billion people in Africa is providing the commercial sector a new way...

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Of Chicken and Christmas in UGANDA

o every year a good number of chicken say goodbye Chicken for Christmas to December on that merry day called Christmas. Ugandans love to celebrate Christmas to...

“Our target is those children that society forgets” Esther Kalenzi

She is beautiful inside and out. Her Charisma is one to reckon, how she manages to get awesome young people to follow her cause...
Gorilla Trekking Expedition

Expeditions to Track Endangered Gorillas in Africa

Mountain gorillas are ranked among the most endangered wildlife and primate species on earth. With only about 1050 mountain gorillas remaining in the universe,...