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Obukalabanda: A Tale of Wooden Sandals

Years ago, a time when the world was still simple and beautiful, wooden sandals were en vogue. This was a pre-era of today’s Gucci, Miu...

From Home of Impalas to Towering Kampala city

Legend traces its story to just before the colonialists set foot here. A little town in central Uganda would flourish into the pivot of...

Entebbe Emerges As a Dazzling Snare for Tourists

Entebbe. It’s a town of civility and bright reflections. A town of dazzling history and paradoxes. A town of both old and new. A...


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Meet Dr. Robert Mwanga whose potatoes won the World Food Prize

Mwanga Robert was born in 1954 in a village called Budhabangula in Uganda. Robert and his ten siblings were raised on a 20-acre farm...
Karamoja Community

“You Feed Refugees as Karimojong Die!”

From their largely remote enclaves in north eastern Uganda the Karimojong are coming out fighting. They can’t tolerate anymore a situation akin to a...

Free and Flexible Visas For Africa

For the first time, African travellers have liberal access to over half the continent, the 2019 Africa Visa Openness Index published by the African...
Kibale Forest Chimpanzee

Chimpanzee Tracking Guide for Lone Travelers

Chimpanzee tracking guide for lone travelers: Chimpanzee tracking is undeniably one of the leading activities offering slightly more active experience than gorilla trekking. Unlike...
UNBS Uganda

UNBS Rolls out e-verification Service to Combat Counterfeit Products

Consumers will soon be able to electronically verify whether the products they are about to buy are genuine, of good and standardised quality or...

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This map shows what every country in this world is best at – Uganda...

Every country on this planet is good at something. Estonia is renowned for start-ups, Brazil for its footballers, Uganda for its entrepreneurs, and Germany for...

Malengo Foundation; Creating a fashion runway for the differently-abled

Malengo Foundationhas set up a partner initiative model management called ‘Ubuntu Fashionista Models’ that provides for the inclusion of the differently-abled (disabled) on various...

Top 5: The most popular airlines in Uganda

Over the past few weeks Jumia Travel has allowed them to recognize airline trends and discover some of the most popular airlines in Uganda....