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Nelly Matte: We are in the business of elevating, exposing and empowering anyone that...

Guided by her love for Africa, this young woman has set out to empower, elevate, encourage people that are working hard to make Africa...
Batwa of Echuya Forest

The Mysteries of Bwindi and Batwa Pygmies

Bwindi impenetrable forest is a tropical rain forest located in southwestern Uganda, approximately 500 kilometers distance from Kampala city. The popular Bwindi Forest of...

Poetry as an instrument in Ugandan society

Poetry must not be used for social change but CAN be used for social change. Poetry is the best word arranged in the order to...

Big-heart is synonymous to Ugandans.

On a random evening, people will be gathered in restaurants, bars, and homes to fund-raise for a wedding or a surprise birthday party. We...
Kibale Forest Chimpanzee

Chimpanzee Tracking Guide for Lone Travelers

Chimpanzee tracking guide for lone travelers: Chimpanzee tracking is undeniably one of the leading activities offering slightly more active experience than gorilla trekking. Unlike...