Why Hire a 4×4 Rooftop Tent Camper to Explore Uganda


Hiring a 4×4 rooftop tent camper is making a stride in Uganda’s safari travel world. Tourists have ditched the lazy ground camping and replaced it with lodging on top of the vehicle because of the various dividends it brings, for example, safety, comfort, comfortable, frugality and style.   


Travelling to unique tourist destinations is everyone’s treasured dream and a few make it come to reality. First come first serve and that’s nature’s motto to its lovers. Nature-based destinations are found in distant places which require a lot of planning to meet everyone’s safari expectations. On your travel plan list, include the mode of transport to enable you to reach your destination and how to acquire it at an affordable rate. People planning to travel are disturbed mostly by two things and these include transportation and accommodation.


Exploring Uganda is the best experience one chooses to invest in and the reward is extremely positive because there is a story to tell at every sight. Uganda is surrounded by indubitable natural beauty ranging from wildlife species, vegetation zones, bird species, plantations, scenic nature phenomena to other nature-related features that attract the attention of tourists. 


With the changing world, new ideas have been introduced to spice up safari experiences. Uganda rooftop tent camping Tour is a new way of travelling in the country. It is greatly pursued by self-drive travellers who use the car for transportation and the rooftop tent for accommodation. This kind of car hire service involves sleeping in a setup tent on the hard rooftop of a 4×4 wheel drive car rather than camping on the ground. Hiring a 4×4 rooftop tent Landcruiser is highly remarked by those who have once had an adventurous experience and inspires others to come to taste the fruits of nature. The reasons why you should opt for a 4×4 rooftop tent camper are as follows:




4×4 rooftop tent camper is 100% safe when it comes to accommodation. After a long day full of activities and viewing of beautiful natural sceneries, you get to set your camp tent on the rooftop for a sky night’s sleep away from the roaming fierce wild animals. The rooftop camping enables you to escape creepy, fierce and hungry creatures which may attack you on a fateful day.




Many travellers have resorted to 4×4 Uganda rooftop tent camping tours because they are adventurous and offer new experiences while in the wild. Trust me among the people who want to experience new things in life are travellers with unlimited desire and love to venture into fun interesting activities such as sleeping on top of the vehicle.


Cheap and Affordable

Everyone wants to keep some money in their pockets and this has prompted tourists to go in for quality and cheaper rooftop tent camping while in Africa’s wilderness. 4×4 vehicles are multipurpose and can be used for transportation and accommodation during night hours. The tent rate added on the hired car is cheaper than the rate for hotels or lodges. Let’s assume that you want to hire a 4×4 rooftop tent Landcruiser at $ 100 where the camping tent is valued at $30 and the price of the lodge is at $100, you get to keep $70 off the lodge. It’s the new trend capturing every traveller’s mind to engage while on a safari in Uganda.

Sleeping in ground tents is becoming a bore recently and it’s getting replaced with rooftop tent camping. This kind of service has increased tourists coming to Uganda to experience the adventure and bounties of the venture.


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