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Mobile Technology

Mobile Technology a big win for Business in Africa

The proliferation of smart mobile technology in the hands of almost a billion people in Africa is providing the commercial sector a new way...

A Meet Up with Uganda Gorillas in Bwindi Forest

I waited enthusiastically for an opportune moment to go gorilla trekking so as to view for myself all about these highly hyped relatives of...

The Crested Crane, Uganda’s Chosen Crest

It walks with grace and serenity, as though the life of the country it symbolizes, depends on its every step. The Crested Crane –...
Gorilla Trekking

Gorilla Tours Can Broaden Your World

Recently I read about African safaris on the internet and these can make you discover the new world. All I can say the future...
Uganda Rift Valley

Uganda’s Great Rift Valley

Which fact would you rather know: That Ernest Hemingway did not die in either of the two plane crashes he suffered in Uganda but actually...