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The Crested Crane, Uganda’s Chosen Crest

It walks with grace and serenity, as though the life of the country it symbolizes, depends on its every step. The Crested Crane –...
BT Maize Trial at Namulonge

GMO concerns are just fear of the unknown

“A lie often told becomes the truth. The intention behind the Food Evolution film is to change public opinion. If we accept GMOs (Genetically...
Gorilla Trekking Expedition

Expeditions to Track Endangered Gorillas in Africa

Mountain gorillas are ranked among the most endangered wildlife and primate species on earth. With only about 1050 mountain gorillas remaining in the universe,...

This startup is promoting energy access to rural farming communities in Uganda

Innovation is a manifestation of creative strategic and tactical thought. That said, the novelty of a product, service, or business, alone, is fleeting, and...

Meet 1620 footsteps: A design firm pimping your ride the African way

African print is the new thing! Jumpers, shirts, shoes, trousers name it, have already transformed the way we view fashion in Uganda or Africa...