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Remit is changing the way money is transferred to Uganda from allover the World

Remit Uganda is most definitely changing money transfers from all over the world into Uganda. It is simple to use, cheap, secure, and fast...
Kibale Forest Chimpanzee

Chimpanzee Tracking Guide for Lone Travelers

Chimpanzee tracking guide for lone travelers: Chimpanzee tracking is undeniably one of the leading activities offering slightly more active experience than gorilla trekking. Unlike...
Registering a Business in Uganda

How to Register your Business in Uganda – A Step-by-step Guide

Do you have a business or want to establish one? Consider registering your business today. In registering your small business, the four official bodies...

Musana Carts, an innovation to make street vendor’s lives better in Uganda

You know that rolex guy near home or in town? Well, he no longer has to suffer with KCCA taking his stove or use...

Of Chicken and Christmas in UGANDA

o every year a good number of chicken say goodbye Chicken for Christmas to December on that merry day called Christmas. Ugandans love to celebrate Christmas to...