You can still purchase a car even with bad credit

No matter what credit score you have, we don’t want to make you worry about your credit at our dealership. Search “buy here, pay here near me” to find the nearest dealer. Our goal is to help everyone who has a need for a pre-owned vehicle loan. We specialize in auto loans for people with bad credit. We want you to be able purchase a reliable vehicle. We only care about your ability to repay the loan. Credit scores are not taken into consideration. We finance every vehicle that we sell so the chances of your loan being granted are very high. Then you can start to rebuild your credit. Our dealership works with you, not against you. Continue reading?

The quick and easy process of getting your car loan approved starts with filling out this credit application. After you are approved, you can begin looking for a car on one of our Buy Here/Pay Here lots at your convenience. In Henderson, North Carolina, for example, there are lots of vehicles that allow you to buy here, pay, and finance. Our online inventory offers hundreds of trustworthy, affordable used cars, trucks, SUVs. We are confident that you will find one that suits your needs and fits within your budget.

If you buy a car through us through Buy Here, Pay Here, your credit score could rise! We will report your payment history to the major credit reporting agencies if you pay all of your bills on time. This will help you improve your credit score and provide a better financial future. Your future credit options could increase with higher credit scores, which can lead to lower interest rates and smaller monthly payments.

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