Why private networks managed by professionals can benefit your business

VPN (Virtual Personal Networks), as of today, are the norm. How a private managed network can improve your business Articles. But what about PMNs, or private managed networks? PMNs have a similar management model to private computer network. The private computer networking concept is very similar, however it differs from this in the fact that an external party manages and maintains them. No IT workers are involved. Several business owners have used this technology due to its global accessibility for many years, helpful hints.

Private managed networks are important

PMN providers run a Private Network using Ethernet data transmission. The responsibility for a company to maintain a reliable network is theirs. This allows them to communicate easily with employees, partners and clients. It is also possible to extend the infrastructure life by using a managed network.

Benefits of Managed Private Networks

Secure WiFi offers greater security than public WIFI

A private WiFi network with dedicated bandwidth is more reliable because it has a better management. They may have also installed switches or routers that prevent data from being sent to the public Internet. This network provides 24/7 monitoring to make sure that you network does not crash because of overcrowding.

Data encryption via secured connections

Users can securely communicate with colleagues and clients using encrypted data. Through closed networks, Private IP Network providers protect business communications against external threats and allow staff to safely communicate around the globe.

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Because malware is responsible for over 50% of data breaches in the past year, organizations must move quickly to safeguard their confidential information. Managed network providers are equipped with security tools that can help protect your system, like blocking or identifying unknown users. Additionally, the managed providers are always available for emergencies.

Highly scaleable

A managed service provider can provide you with an easily upgradeable, flexible and scalable platform. The need to expand and grow is what makes managed services valuable. The managed network allows for seamless migration from MPLS into Ethernet (for instance), which makes upgrading easier.

Faster download speeds

With a private IP Network, data privacy can be improved. Internet speeds can also be increased. As PMNs provide fast internet with minimal downtime, businesses can be assured the network will be available whenever they are needed.

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