Which is better: a water filter or softener?

Water that is hard can have a range of issues. It may contain high amounts of calcium, mineral and sediment. The effects of water hardness can have a negative impact on the plumbing in your home and any appliances. This is why many people use water softeners, which are based on salt – article source?

Another problem with water we are facing today is unsafe water. Public and well-water systems contain a large number of water containing bacteria, chemical, pharmaceuticals, and carcinogens. Many people install water filters under their sinks to get filtered and safe water. Installing drinking water filters that remove the most contaminants is highly recommended. This only affects the drinking portion.

Some companies that sell water softeners add filters to the systems they use to soften salt water. Then, these water filtration units are sold door-to door and promoted as a home water purification system. Unfortunately they do not provide a full range of filters to protect your family from the many contaminants found in the drinking water. In addition, salt is used to’soften the water’ which has a negative impact on the environment.

Homes who need to soften water but also want the peace of mind that a whole home water filtration system can provide will find themselves disappointed with the selections available. One nano-filtration system provides both salt-free water softener, as well as full spectrum whole home water filtration.

The combination of a filter system to remove the lead, the arsenic in water and chloramines combined with an environmentally safe softening solution that doesn’t use chemicals or salt is referred to as a “water filter”. These systems work with well water, water from rivers and public water utilities.

Feel assured that your water is clean and safe. By treating and filtering all water, you will be able to feel safe when washing dishes and clothes. You can be sure that the water you use to bathe your children and let them play is safe and free of any harmful bacteria or viruses. The detergents in the water will also keep the water clean and clear. Water that is safe and soft can be obtained. However, be wary of salesmen at your door who claim that they have a salt water softener that includes a water filter.

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