What Better Way To Stay In Touch Than Via An iPhone App?

Every organization, club, or association needs to communicate with its members regularly by sharing news, events, opportunities, and other information click for source. Members are mobile, especially when they attend events. How can you engage your community better than a technology that is there for them all the time?

A core function of an iPhone App for associations would include notifications and alerts. A similar feature should be added to an association app: the ability for members to view videos and podcasts. Members can be summoned at a moment’s notice to take action and also have all the details of the club, organization, or association mandate.

Examples of community iPhone apps are:
– USGA (the United States Golf Association)
– SFIMA – South Florida Interactive Marketing Association
American Diabetes Association
– Pro Rodeo Cowboy Association
Merced County Association of Realtors
Redeemer Church
Willow Creek Association, member churches

An iPhone App is an excellent way for associations to interact with the public. An iPhone App can allow you to post information that is available for public consumption. The app’s mobile nature makes it more accessible than email and web postings. Two-way communication can be encouraged by the App, which allows public postings to a shared “wall”. The association can moderate such postings so that inappropriate or inordinate material is not displayed. In this manner, the App could be used to promote an association’s image.

It is not an option to collect membership dues. However, it can be frustrating and ongoing. An iPhone App can help you do this efficiently and effectively. Imagine being able instantly to send out an alert, notify, or make calls to members, then to have them make the payment via the App.

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