Web Hosting – Windows or Linux which hosting platform do you prefer? Do You Pick?

While choosing the Web hosting for your site among the initial queries that needs to be asked is about the selection our site of operating system of the server. There are several operating systems but there are two dominant ones for web servers – Windows and Linux. The two operating systems are very popular and well-known. Almost all web hosting companies offer these two operating platforms.

Each platform is good and has its share of advantages and negatives. Linux is open source, while Windows is not. Each platform has its own followers and equally significant number of dissenters.

The decision between these two options should be taken by evaluating the needs of your customers and not just the opinions of others. Prior to making a decision on web hosting it is important to consider the following aspects.

1.) On what platform the web app was developed on It is one of the main inquiries. If your website/web application built using .Net or another Microsoft technology, this would require you to use Windows web hosting. While some technologies can run across both platforms, sometime the platform of your application may force users to use the same platform to host your web site. Numerous websites utilize database. Windows Server is needed if you are using MS SQL Server.

So this decision has to be made before an application is written and if not, the migration of a site can be a big big trouble!

2) Security: The website for e-commerce must be absolutely secure. All applications that store sensitive information or personal financial information should be secure. Linux web hosting is considered to be less risky than Windows. Windows contain a myriad of well-known security weaknesses (though they are quickly addressed) that are regularly exploited by malware and hackers. There is a consensus how secure servers is dependent on the skill of the administrator is. A Windows server is protected under the supervision of an skilled and proactive administrator.

3) Cost: Linux servers are cheaper than Windows servers because Linux is completely free. Linux may be cheaper, however, that doesn’t mean it’s anything less efficient than windows servers. Windows however, is a service that needs to be bought. It means there will be additional charges. Cost difference for website owners who are end users though is not very significant. Linux isn’t favored due to the slight cost difference.

4) Learning Curve: Linux operating system has a steep learning curve. Learn Linux for someone who uses the desktop OS is a nightmare. If you decide to use a Linux-based web hosting service, you don’t be worried. This is because there are web-based apps which will let you communicate with the server in a seamless manner. The user will be able to perform almost any task like FTP, database administration etc. They’re extremely helpful.

Perhaps you’ve noticed that there’s never a winner in the ongoing battle between these two formidable adversaries. It is only the platform utilized by the application is the most important element. Personal preferences determine your decision.

Regardless of which hosting platform you choose, the only thing that is important is to select only a reputable trustworthy, reliable, and reputable web hosting company with least possible downtime, good bandwidth as well as prompt customer help.

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