Turnkey Reseller Web Hosting Services

Okay, now let’s jump right in at the beginning bonuses. The first word in the title is turnkey. What is a Turnkey Website? This means that the company provides a ready-to-go website. Just log in to your admin panel to make any customizations. You can add your logo if you already have one, write some text so there is unique content, and set any prices. That’s it! You don’t need to design a website or do programming. The site has all the functionality you need (and sometimes a lot of it) already done for you. You get a ‘business-in-a-box’ website that is ready for publication online. Your new site will begin making money as soon as visitors start visiting it.

There are two main types. You will find the most common type in the form a script you buy. After you purchase a domain, you can install the script from their website. These sites are designed to make you more money through AdSense advertising and affiliate programs like amazon or ebay. However, they might just give you a site to get traffic, with no monetization. The second type allows you to buy an item from a company. This will allow you to resell the product, with them charging a wholesale price. This allows you to add your markup to charge your customers. Some companies charge a monthly subscription, while others do not charge any fees.

Reseller web hosting is when you have a wholesaler-retailer relationship with a hosting provider. While you typically have to make a payment upfront in order to open an Account, you can also get a free web hosting reseller website. It includes free hosting and a domain name that costs less than $10 per Year. This is a great opportunity to get started and start making money.

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