Why You Need to See Mountain Gorillas in Uganda

Mountain Gorilla

Mountain gorilla trekking is a life time experience. Getting to track gorillas is a goal for travellers it does nt mutter where you will see them from.

There are two types of Gorilla encounters, mountain gorillas and the Western lowland gorillas or even the rare Grauer’s gorilla. The sheer majesty of the silverbacks, the playfulness of the toddlers and the tenderness of their mothers are just mesmerizing.

Mountain gorilla safaris can only be found in only three countries: Rwanda, Uganda and the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). Thankfully, their numbers are increasing – the latest census confirmed there are now over 1,000 with Uganda having the highest number

But why would you see mountain gorillas in Uganda?

Half of the world’s left Gorillas

Uganda has half of the world’s left gorillas in the world. They are here yes. The mountain gorillas in the Bwindi impenetrable national park and Mgahinga if all added makes half of the gorillas in the world.

Actually in the recent study conducted by the Uganda wild life authority they are more than what we think because, they were left to give birth and reproduce, taking care of the forest is our only job to do.

Meaning if you chose to see gorillas in Uganda there is no struggle there in let with over 13 families to track and 2 for gorilla habituation experience.

Thick Natural Habitat

Bwindi impenetrable national park is a home to the mountain gorillas in Uganda. S its name sounds the impenetrable forest; it is a rain forest thick enough for the gorillas to spend their good day’s in their natural home.

Maintain Mgahinga forest national park in Kisoro, this mountain forest is in the Virunga rages that are shared by the DRC, Rwanda and Uganda; they are a set of mountains with thick enough forests to be home to gorillas without any disturbances.

Cheap in the End

A gorilla permit is not quit cheap, it is expensive and may not be available when you need it.to keep them healthy and making sure they flourish in their natural habitat; the cost goes a little bit up. The gorilla trekking permit is however the best experience you will have.

A gorilla permit is 700 per person for an hour and $1500perperson for gorilla habituation. This money is not so small but in the end the experience is much much more than the price.


It’s challenging to reach these gentle giants. Sometimes it may require you to hike upwards or downwards depending on your chosen tracking sector and safari accommodation. You’ll led through thick jungle shrubs, tangles of vines, hundreds of year old fat trees, roots and a damp forest floor. I promise you, this territory is untouched.

There are no paths, signs or direction and that’s why you’ll have a tracker with a machete creating a path and an armed guard to protect you from the unplanned eventualities. But the reward of hiking through the jungle with the fear creamed with the excitement of meeting the Silverback male mountain gorilla anytime, is something I can’t write about in these lines. You just have to get out of your city comfort and come experience it yourself.


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