Things to Do Along the Nile River in Jinja

Rafting the Nile River

River Nile is the world’s longest River flowing for 6600km until it pours its water into Mediterranean Sea. The source of River Nile is believed to be in Jinja district which is situated in Eastern Uganda. The flow of River Nile has turned dry areas into agricultural sites through irrigation process. In Jinja, where the source of River Nile originates, there are many tourist activities done on River Nile and its of great importance as far as developing tourism in Eastern Uganda is concerned below are some of them:

White water rafting – one of the top tourist activities on River Nile. White water rafting involving sitting on the rafting boat and joy the wetness of the Nile falls and rapid. The Nile rapids in Jinja are graded 4 and 5 and offer the best whitewater rafting experiences in Africa. The rapids flow with more volume and power than those in river Zambezi.

Experiential Jet boat adventure – It’s done up to the Nile rapids at Jinja. The Jet ride races up rapids at a speed of 90 kilometers per hour, as you also experience the 360-degree spins, high-speed drifting and other exciting adventures like the jet boat spinning in full circle without losing momentum.

Sun set Cruising – The boat trip on River Nile is done late afternoon when the sun is setting. Enjoy great views as you explore River Nile – chill on the Nile while taking a cold drive (Soft or alcohol drink)- complete the day with great memories.

Horse Back Riding – Sit on the back of the Horse and explore River Nile and its shores. Visit local communities around learn how locals conduct their daily duties. We also have pony rides for the kids, with a guide walking with the child and pony at all times. Experienced riders can be allowed to ride at a greater pace. Expect to enjoy the incredible scenery around the Source of the Nile and the time spent on the horse ride depends on your budget, time and interest.

Quad- Biking -It’s done along River Nile to offer drivers great view of what River Nile offers along its banks. No advance driving experience is required so, the drivers are given training before actual quad biking safari. Additional 30 minutes is given and thereafter, 1-2hrs is given to enjoy the safari along River Nile to see lots of attraction. Quad Riding for children is also available under the guidance of All Terrain Adventures.

Mountain Biking along River Nile – You can come with your bike or hire on the ground. You can enjoy full day or ½ day riding under the guidance of local guides. Mountain biking meets your physical and mental needs as you move seeing lots of attractions up close.

Bungee Jumping or Diving in River Nile – Two legs are tied and the participant is suspended to meet or kiss River Nile. The Bungee Jumping starts from up slopes to the lowland and the lowest age limit is 13 years but under serious supervision.

Visit the Source of River Nile – board a boat to the origin of River Nile, it can be morning or sun set cruise. Visit the Fish breeding areas and proceed to the source of River Nile and tour local communities.

Relax and chill out on River Nile– Visit the nearby bars and take cold drinks -visit at lest 5 bars to experience Jinja night life (minimum age 18 years).

Nile SUP – Stand Up Paddling – A steady nature, great posture and skill define stand-up paddle boarding. You don’t, however, need these attributes to start. A sense of humour, an appreciation for exploration and a willingness to try something new is all you need to get going on a SUP.

In conclusion, River Nile has made Jinja a tourist hub. A lot of activities on and along River Nile makes it worth a visit for all guests in Uganda.On your next safari in Uganda, this is one of the places that should not miss in your travel plans. The city has a lot of potentials that can be developed along the River Nile and more are yet to come!


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