Renting a Car in Uganda: Things to Know

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Renting a car in Uganda is a key step in planning for a successful Uganda safari holiday in 2021-2022. With Uganda becoming the leading tourist destination in East Africa, rental cars should be a must to book for your navigation around this splendid country. But before you book a Uganda car hire, there are many things that should be put into consideration. We are therefore glad to bring to you some of the amazing things you must know about renting a car in Uganda.

Book your rental car in Uganda with a trusted car hire agency/company

In Uganda, there are hundreds of car hire companies distributed around Kampala Capital, Entebbe City, Jinja, Mbarara etc but not all these are reliable or trustworthy. This is why you must book your car with a reputable, trusted or reliable company. And when it comes to rental cars in Uganda, you really don’t need to stress yourself much because we are here to serve you.

Find a right Rental Car

With car rental companies distributed in different parts of Kampala and Uganda at large, finding the right car becomes also a big challenge. It is essential for you to take your time searching for the best ride that suits your travel needs while on Uganda safaris. Interestingly, we have a long list of comfortable rental cars in Uganda, all fully mechanized and comprehensively insured.

Our fleet of rental cars in Uganda range in different categories from the Sedan rental cars, Safari Vans, Safari Land Cruisers, Super Customs to rental Coaster Buses. Find a car that can accommodate the number of people you plan to embark on a Uganda safari holiday and should be capable of tackling any kind of terrain.

Observe the traffic regulations

While on a road trip in Uganda, it is always advisable to observe the traffic regulations. First, when driving in Uganda, you must keep your left, wear a seat belt, drive at a set speed-avoid over speeding or overtaking while at the corners, have a valid drivers license or passport etc.

Be aware of the park entrance fees

In case of visitors who are planning to visit Uganda’s 10 National Parks, be aware of the entrance fees. Each car category has its set entrance rate except for the primate safari parks like Bwindi Impenetrable National Park & Mgahinga Gorilla National Park for gorilla trekking or Kibale Forest National Park for chimpanzee tracking.

Entrance fees for these primate parks are covered in the cost of the gorilla permits or chimpanzee permits. As well, access to other tourist sites like Namugongo Martyrs Shrine, Museum etc require you to pay certain amount.

Carry out a study

When renting a car in Uganda, be aware that different car hire agencies/companies rent their vehicles to visitors at different prices. Also, variation in rates applies to the category of the rental car you plan to use for your road trip in Uganda. This is why before you commit yourself to book, first, conduct as much research as possible to find which companies offers the best rates and with the best offers for you to enjoy.

Contact a car hire service provider

Now that you have decided on which rental car to hit the road and the car rental company/agency to deal with, it is therefore wise to contact the team to have your car booked. You can reach our team online, email us or directly walk into our offices or call using the provided contacts on our website.

Know the essentials for renting a car

If you are visiting Uganda purposely for self drive tours, the following should be a must have. You should have a valid passport, international driving permit, GPS, driver’s license, a self drive agreement etc.

Inspect the car before setting off

The mistake most travelers on Uganda safari make is starting their road trips without crosschecking the rental car. You need to know if the rental car you plan to hit the road is in its better mechanical conditions to avoid breakdowns or if it doesn’t have any damages and in case of any, take record of them to avoid unplanned costs when you return it.

What your rental car price covers

Usually, the rate for your rental car in Uganda covers comprehensive insurance, local taxes but excludes fuel. When hiring a car in Uganda with any car rental service provider, endeavor to inquire more about what the prices include or exclude.


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