Toodledo iPad App Review

Sometimes the most powerful Apps may be the most simple in design. iPad owners have many options with the numerous task and “todo list” apps that are available through iTunes. Many of the apps that create to-do lists are part and parcel of larger software packages with features and bloat most people don’t want. Toodledo offers a simple and affordable way to organize your tasks. Toodledo costs $2.99 and allows you to organize your daily life through the tracking of tasks and notes. Toodledo is considered the best basic to-do listing app. However, this should not be taken in a negative light. This basic to do list is packed with powerful features that you won’t find in other apps my site.

Toodledo’s interface has a simple, easy-to-understand design. The program is very intuitive and you will be able to understand the basic functions of it in no time. Toodledo’s simplicity and affordability make it easy to use. Toodledo automatically syncs your tasks across multiple platforms like your iPhone, computer, and iPad. Toodledo’s web-based functionality allows you to quickly and efficiently create tasks on any computer, such as your iPhone or iPad. They will show up on your iPad or iPhone task list, regardless of whether they are at work, school, or home. account is included with the $2.99 basic version.

Toodledo allows you to see your tasks in many different ways. Toodledo makes it possible to sort the data you input by context, due dates, and status. This app is among the few that allows data to be filtered by context and tags. You can use tags to label your tasks, such as “office”, home, school or church. Toodledo allows you to switch between “work” and “home” tasks while you are at school. To make sure that your task pane only shows tasks with a “school” tag, you can customize your Toodledo task pane. If you’re home, you have the option to turn off “work”, etc. Toodledo allows for you to create custom labels or tags, so that you can make your own organization system. Additionally, each task can be given a status to indicate its completion stage (next step, delegated and hold, someday, cancelled, etc.). Toodledo is completely customizable. You can add or subtract as much complexity as you need to manage your hectic day.

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