This handy guide to carpet cleaning will help you find the best schedule

The feeling of sinking in to a plush clean carpet is unbeatable! As with everything in the home full report, carpets will accumulate dust, dirt, and grime as time goes on. A regular cleaning schedule will help you avoid the temptation to delay. Carpet Cleaning Northern Beaches can attest to this fact, with many homeowners depending on their expert knowledge to keep floors looking fabulous and fresh. So, how frequently should you put on your sleeve and tackle the carpet cleaning business? Let’s look at the details.

Daily Cleaning
Even if you don’t believe it, regular carpet cleaning can extend the life of your carpet. It’s not necessary to use a heavy-duty cleaner each day. Instead, follow simple cleaning practices. One quick vacuum can make a significant difference, particularly in areas that are heavily trafficked. Have kids or pets around? You could make this your nightly ritual.

Spot Cleaning
Ah, the annoying spills. Accidents are inevitable, whether they’re a wine-spill during a movie or muddy footsteps from a wet day. It’s important to take action as soon possible. Clean cloths or a specialized carpet cleaning solution will prevent stains setting in, keeping your carpet clean.

Every 6-12 Months
You should steam-clean your carpets or shampoo them every six to twelve months for an intensive cleaning. The steam cleaning process is a deep cleanser that removes deep-seated dirt and dust mites. It also eliminates allergens. For carpets with light colors or for homes that have a lot of dirt from pets, kids, or foot traffic, the 6-month mark may be a good choice.

Hiring Professionals
Carpet Cleaning Northern Beaches has the expertise to make your DIY cleaning a success. Let the experts do deep cleanings every so often, perhaps once or twice per year. These professionals have the right equipment, solutions, techniques, and knowledge to ensure that your carpet is clean and hygienic.

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