There are several things to think about when selecting a plastic surgeon

A cosmetic surgery to improve your appearance can be a major step. Choose a doctor who is able to guarantee that the job will be completed safely. What you really need is a highly qualified plastic surgeon. More hints?

To help you make a decision about the plastic surgeon that is best for your particular procedure, we seek the advice of Dr. Taylor Theunissen.

The Things You Should Look For Before Choosing A Plastic Surgeon

Your Doctor is Board certified or not?

It is essential to choose a board-certified surgeon when you are looking for a new surgeon. A reliable way is needed for the patient to tell if his or her surgeon has been properly trained. The state medical board may be the obvious way to verify this, but in reality the government does require all surgeons not to have specialized training for each of their procedures.

If you’re unsure whether your cosmetic surgery is coming from the right place, it’s best to check with American Board of Cosmetic Surgery.

Have They had experience with the treatments they provide?

According to the above statement, most surgeons are not specialists in every procedure they provide. What patients may not know is that, even for surgeons who are specialists in their field, they can also be subspecialists within it. As you choose a surgeon, be sure to ask about their training and experience.

Is their soft Tissue filler FDA approved?

Verify that your soft-tissue fillers are FDA approved before proceeding with a particular procedure. FDA tries to approve different products which are applied in specific areas of the face. However, if FDA has not approved certain products for the various areas of your face then it may be necessary to change surgeons as the procedure might become unsafe.

Do You Feel Comfortable?

You should always follow your gut when faced with situations such as these. It is important to make a connection emotionally with a potential cosmetic surgeon. The surgery is serious and you should feel confident with the surgeon.

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