The Importance Of A Great Security System When Self-storage Units Are Stored

The two biggest aspects of owning a business are safety and security get more information. If you’re going to charge a fee for the service of caring custody and control over many people’s lives, it is important that the storage facility has a secure and safe environment. Without the security and lockdown of all the premises, it is possible for everything else to fall apart. While humans will always desire to have something for nothing, it is part of our basic human nature. Some will even go to great lengths just to get things they do not need. This can be seen daily in the increase in shoplifting, as well as the break-ins to self-storage units around the country and worldwide. It is essential that you have a reliable security system in place and that it is regularly updated.

For years, the names of security companies are the same: Sonitrol, Guardian, as well as a variety of other companies that will guard the units for a reasonable cost. In these times of global recession, self storage unit owners face rising costs and more vacant spaces. This is not good news for the bottom line. It is long gone the days when a padlock with a chain wrapped around its main gate would suffice. The criminal element has evolved to raid smaller, less secured self-storage units.

One excellent example of an amazing system is one managed by a small self storage unit in Jacksonville. The owner of the self-storage unit knows that criminal elements are now smart and will stop at anything to secure their livelihood and property. It is important to ensure that the entire perimeter of the self storage unit premises is protected from outside intrusion. An eight- or nine-foot chainlink fence could have razor wire or Constantine dappled on its top. This will protect the self storage unit owner from nighttime raids, and also serves as a security option. The next step after the fence is installed and in good condition, it’s time to buy and install locks for each self storage unit. For those who cannot afford the more expensive locks, a list of the available locks should be kept at the office. The last thing is the electronic security systems that must be kept on-site. They cannot be cut by snipping at the main control panels. Thieves are becoming more sophisticated in robbing self storage units. This must be considered when selecting locks and security system for the units.

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