The Growing Demand For Quality Antenna Accessories

We live in a completely different world from what I grew up with back in the 70s web site. It was a time before Walkman, iPods, or any other portable music device larger than a microwave. The “cool boys” wore this device, affectionately called the “Ghettoblaster” and there were three types music. Disco was led, in part, by The Bee Gees. Rock was led, in part, by The Who and Led Zeppelin. Country-Western was led, in part, by Hank Williams Jr., Merle Hagard, Waylon and Willie.

It was difficult to get a hold of someone when you were out on the roads, working outside sales, or any other reason. Some of them were found in booths at the side of roads, equipped with a 3′” phone book and 750.00 per year Yellow Page Advertisements. These advertisements were sponsored by local businesses, such as plumbers and pizza parlors. Some of those booths were disgusting because the poorer citizens enjoyed destroying them with “biological remnant”, engraving their names on the handsets and other destructive methods. I created a little disposable sock which you could cover the handset and then place them in a tiny vending machine near each phone. Since the payphones have gone the way of the buggy whip, I’m glad to have explored other avenues.

But I digress. I digress. Today, every person, their children and their mother have a cell-phone. And it’s not just any phone. A 3G or 4G model has unlimited texting, unlimited internet access, streaming music, voice capabilities, and unlimited games. If all that isn’t enough, 1 out 3 have a tablet device like an iPad or Nook, Kindle or one other variety. Machine to Machine is also a growing sector. M2M technology enables equipment to communicate with each other via the internet and wireless connection about their current status. A remote generator, for example, that runs out of fuel will tell headquarters it is in need of a refill. A property management firm can remotely monitor the lights and HVAC of high-rise buildings. Security companies can monitor all doors, windows, and windows within secure facilities. Notifications are sent to the command centers in the event that there is a breach.

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