Steamy Stories Vs. Dry Delights – The Carpet Cleaning Duel

Steam cleaning is the most popular method in carpet care. If you are a regular at Upholstery Cleaning North Shore you have probably seen both methods. What’s the difference between these two techniques? What is better for your hessian or chenille? We’ll dive into these giants of cleaning (well, the carpets) to find out more, article source!

1. The Magic of Methodology

It is dry cleaning, as the name implies. Cleansing compounds are used to attract dirt and adhere it. They are then vacuumed after a short time to leave a carpet that is clean.

Steam cleaning is more than just steam. The carpet is cleaned by injecting a cleaning solution deep inside, followed by powerful vacuums that remove dirt and grime.

2. What if my carpet is wet?

You can almost dance right after dry cleaning.

Steam cleaning: After steaming, the carpet is damp. Drying time can vary from 4-24 hrs depending on the ventilation and humidity.

3. Battle of the Bacteria

Dry cleaning: This method is good for surface-level bacteria, but it may not reach the deeper bacteria.

Steam cleaning: High temperatures kill bacteria, mites and allergens as well as dirt.

4. Chemical Chronicles

Dry cleaning: This method uses a lot of chemicals that are not necessarily eco-friendly, but they can be effective.

Steam cleaning: This method uses milder cleaners, and focuses on the use of hot water.

5. How long does cleanliness last?

Dry cleaning: Fast and efficient, but because it does not penetrate the carpet as deeply, you may have to clean your carpets sooner.

Steam cleaning: A deep clean requires longer sessions between steaming.

6. The Wear and Tear Tale

It is gentler to delicate fabrics because it uses less force.

Steam cleaning: Although thorough, steaming carpets repeatedly can wear them out faster.

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