Sniff Sniff Smile – Banish carpet odors on Northern Beaches

Ah, Northern Beaches. Your carpet may not smell as rosy recommended reading, but the air and waves are fresh. No need to worry! Upholstery Cleaning North Shore can help you eliminate odors. Upholstery Cleaning North Shore has you covered. Let’s skip, jump and hop along the path of carpets that will make your nose happy!

1. The Cause of the Smell is:
Determine the source. Finding the source will help you to treat the problem more effectively. A UV light can be used to find old pet urine staining.

2. Natural Deodorizers at the Rescue
Before you dive into chemical treatments, consider natural odor-eaters like baking soda. Sprinkle generously and let it sit over night. Vacuum away to get a new carpet.

3. When Life Gives you Lemons
Lemons’ citrusy flavor isn’t limited to lemonade. Mixing lemon water with other ingredients can help break down pesky odors, leaving a refreshing and pleasant scent.

4. Enzymatic Cleaners, The Stain Eaters
These wonder-workers effectively neutralize pet odors by breaking down proteins in urine. They are the heroes of the staining and odor world!

5. Vinegar: It’s not just for salads
Even though it may seem counterintuitive to use vinegar because of its strong smell, its properties are able to neutralize urine smells. It is important to follow up with a vinegar rinse.

6. Professional Grade Cleaning:
DIY methods may not work well, particularly with old or stubborn stains. Upholstery Cleaning North Shore is here to help, with their industrial grade cleaners and many years of experience.

7. Regular Maintenance
One ounce of prevention can save you a pound in cures! Regularly vacuum and have a professional clean your house every few months.

8. Freshness Boosters
Use natural carpet cleaners or essential oils as a post-cleaning touch to bring back the fresh, clean scent.

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