Self-Storage: How to Choose the Right Facility

Self-storage units are a part of our everyday lives that is both necessary and unwanted. A self-storage unit is used in one out of ten American households for various reasons. The majority of people store their belongings in self-storage for moving or home remodeling, as well as military deployments, life-changing events, such a marriage, divorce and a death within the family. Also, you can use them for your own business, more bonuses.

It doesn’t matter if you rent a self-storage unit for a business or personal reason, it is likely that you have no experience choosing a storage facility. The purpose of this self storage guide is to locate a facility that meets your specific needs. This is a guide to help you find the best self storage facility.

The majority of people keep valuables near their home or workplace. It will make you feel better to know that your items are close and easily accessible. You may be less concerned if you do not plan on using the storage facility often. You should also consider how easy it is to access the storage unit. It’s in the mountains, so you will have to figure out how to reach it. Obviously you will want to ensure that the location is safe.

Security is the top priority for modern self-storage units. Security features that are a minimum include a brightly lit property for when you have to visit the self-storage facility at night. Other security features may be outlined as securing the fence of the entire facility with welded wire; an electronic gate protected by coding; or utilizing closed circuit TV (CCTV) cameras. The facility should be able to protect your items when needed.

UNIT SIZES. Choose from different sizes of units. Smallest storage units have dimensions of 5×5, measuring 5 feet by 5 inches. As the units grow, they can reach 10’x30 or even larger depending on how much space you have. There are many sizes available to choose from. You may not know what size unit you require if you haven’t used one before. An experienced property manager can provide assistance. The property manager will be able recommend the right size storage unit for your belongings. The manager may also be able to show you the unit. The size of the unit is crucial to determining if your items will fit.

It is important to keep in mind that the price of self-storage may not be your main concern. People are often willing to pay a little more for storage if it meets their particular needs. Self-storage is no exception to the old saying that “you get what you paid for”. The cheapest storage facility may not be the most suitable. There may be a reason why it’s cheaper. If there aren’t any video cameras, or a gate with an electronic lock protected by a password, it may seem less secure. The facility may be in bad condition because it has been neglected. It would not be wise to store expensive items in a rundown and dirty building. It is best to avoid facilities with prices that are much lower than those of the competitors. Before making a final decision, you should inspect the location. Inquire about the current offers and specials. In today’s difficult economy, self-storage discounts are very common.

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