Self-Storage: Common FAQs answered

Houston’s storage units are a convenient way to stack and store belongings, until the time comes when they will be needed. In fact, with an ever changing economy the hiring of such facilities has caught up. Here are some things to consider before renting one: helpful resources!

2. Who is eligible to use self-storage?

You can rent a self-storage facility from any of these:


Businesses – Wholesalers, Retailers and Online Set-ups

The Student

Vacation Goers

2. What items can I store in a Self Storage?

Houston can store almost anything: furniture items, sports gears, gardening supplies, papers and documents, clothing for seasonal wear, artwork, home furnishings and decor, seasonal stocks of businesses, vacation gears, vehicles, and cars.

3. My belongings are safe

The best self-storage facilities are both equipped and manned with the latest technological and human security systems. Security guards are on duty 24/7 and the facility is equipped with cameras, theft alarms and surveillance systems. To provide additional security, every facility is locked individually.

4. What kind of storage space do I need?

The storage unit can be either a normal one, or equipped with the latest climate control technology. The type of facility you choose will depend on what items are being stored. The climate-controlled units are perfect for items which can be damaged when exposed to extremes of heat or cold. A climate controlled unit will require you to pay more for your products.

5. Can they be purchased in various sizes?

Different sizes are offered for self-storage units. Mini storage units in Houston are available in different sizes. The sizes range from 7X6 to up until 10X30X10. Each building is suitable for different purposes. Be sure to consider your specific needs before you finalize the purchase.

6. When do you charge for services?

Rents for self-storage are based on the size of each unit. The larger the storage unit is, the higher the rental rate. But certain store facilities offer their facilities at reduced rates. Discounts are available if the units have been pre-booked, or they’ve been rented out for an extended period. You can save more money by paying your rental in advance.

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