Reasons Why Church Websites Are Important

1. Local SEO makes it easy to promote church websites.

You may not know, but location-based SEO (Search Engine Optimization), makes it easy to promote your church’s website online and through search engines. Including location-based search engine optimization on your website will allow more people to find your church online. Finding your church’s site online is easy and takes little effort. Your church’s name, address, contact information and location should be included on your website. Read this?

2. Your church’s involvement in the local community is highlighted by a website.

Your church’s website can be used to show the breadth and depth of your ministry. It can also be used to encourage others to become involved in your ministry, even if they don’t belong to your congregation. Highlight community programs your church supports or oversees, such as afterschool programs, feeding programs, and so forth. It is important to highlight other non-profits or community organizations with whom your church often collaborates as well as holiday programs and events that you host each year. Your ministry and community impact should extend beyond Sunday worship.

3. A website can serve as a secure channel for digital contributions and donations.

Today’s world is 49% card-based. 66% of churchgoers would rather donate their tithes digitally. A church website allows people to make donations whenever and wherever they are most convenient. A secure portal can be added to your website for digital payment collection.

4. A website can encourage participation in Bible study, prayer, and reading groups.

More church members will know when Bible studies are being held and are more likely sign up. You’ll also likely to see more active prayer groups, and greater congregational support if you have a member directory available through your website.

Your website can be used to post information and handouts from various groups. This will allow others to access the information and take action. Online presence increases group engagement and allows you to create an active community platform for your members to support each other.

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