Preventing Mold on Carpet from Water Damage

Water pumps, broken pipes, and floods can all cause a damp basement get more information. Carpets which become wet need to dry out within 48 hours. Otherwise mildew may start growing, making the carpet unsalvageable. A flooded basement, a broken pipe or an issue with the water pump can all cause a wet cellar. Wet carpets must dry in 48 hours or mold will begin to grow. This will render the carpet unsalvageable. You can use the following steps to restore a wet, unusable carpet by using carpet cleaning services gordon.

If your basement is flooded or has only a few damp spots, you need to determine what part of the basement was damaged. If your carpet appears to be slightly damp, check for any mold or mildew. It is best to call a family member or neighbor for help with cleaning the basement. You will not be able to complete this job on your own.

To dry your carpet, move your furniture away from the water or into another area of your basement. You should throw away damaged items like books, magazines or newspapers. Avoid letting floodwater contaminate your items. If you believe that some of your possessions can be saved, try your best to clean or clean them professionally. You’ll have to dispose of items if mildew or mold starts to grow. If you’re dealing with flooding, a sponge, rag or vacuum can be used to remove as much water as possible.

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