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U.S Extends Funding for Uganda’s Infectious Diseases Research

The United States government has renewed its funding support towards research in infectious diseases as well as health-related training in Uganda. The U.S Ambassador to...

Ban on Dangerous Refrigerant Chemical, ‘a landmark’ in War on Climate Change

Over 190 countries have reached what has been described as a landmark step when they agreed in Kigali recently on a systematic process to...

Scientists must Communicate Boldly

Members of the Uganda Science Journalists Association (USJA)’s upcountry networks last weekend had the opportunity to train in biotechnology reporting and to see for...
Gorilla Trekking Expedition

Expeditions to Track Endangered Gorillas in Africa

Mountain gorillas are ranked among the most endangered wildlife and primate species on earth. With only about 1050 mountain gorillas remaining in the universe,...

Tugende Design: A social Enterprise Uplifting Communities Through Selling Jewelry, Crafts & Bags

Meet Tugende Design, a social enterprise committed to act, and to help vulnerable children and women in  Uganda by designing and selling unique, colorful...