Piano Shoppers should avoid high-pressure sales tactics – A piano purchase may not even be necessary!

It can be difficult to shop on website for pianos. If you are new to pianos don’t feel pressured or rushed to purchase. The buyer of a new piano will often have different needs to the seller. Some people feel pressured into buying a second piano. Let’s examine what typical piano buyers think. They will be referred to in this article as Jim Forte (or Mary Forte).

Typical Piano Shopping Concerns

The Forte family could be a hypothetical family that would love for their children learn to play the keyboard. As parents, they worry about the cost of a piano and whether their children will take lessons. However, they are aware that their children won’t be able play the piano on a cheap keyboard or toy.

Over the years, pianos I sold in Phoenix, AZ. Many parents were willing and capable to buy a great instrument for their child. But they wanted to make measurable progress. Which I now realize makes a lot more sense. Although this idea might be appealing to parents, in reality piano dealers are not interested in hearing it.

My job was to convince piano buyers that they should buy the pianos right away. Although I believed there was another way to help them; in those days you had two options. You could sell or starve your family. This outdated marketing philosophy has led to thousands of pianos being left in their homes. They’re seldom used for more than a few month. This is exactly what prospective piano buyers fear.

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