North Shore’s Upholstery glow-up: secrets to sofa splendor

North Shore residents are welcome! Have you ever felt the twinge when seeing a clean sofa at your friend’s Gordon home? Especially after a carpeting gordon moment that changed everything for you? Now, it’s about more than just the carpets. Upholstery is an unsung hero who can make your furniture look fab. Join us as we dive into this refreshing pool and revamp the furniture visit us.

1. Vacuuming: Not Just For Floors
Upholstery attachments can be added to the vacuum you already use for your floors. Yes, this often overlooked tool can do wonders. Make vacuuming sofas and chairs a weekly ritual. This prevents dirt settling in the fibers.

2. Sunbathe on those cushions!
Like us, your upholstery also loves a bit of vitamin D. A monthly sunbath helps revitalize fabric, and can kill any bacteria that may be lurking. Do not overdo this, or your colors will fade.

3. What are the best DIY Upholstery cleaners? Yes, Please!
Mix equal parts white vinegar, warm water and dish soap. Use this mixture to clean spots if everything goes smoothly. This combination of gentle cleaning soap and vinegar can be the magic potion that your upholstery craves.

4. Spills need to be dealt with immediately
Have you just spilled your coffee? Take action immediately! Gently blot the spillage with a clean, dry cloth. Remember, blot, don’t rub. Rubbing could spread stains. Calling professionals could be a smart move if you find yourself in a tight spot.

5. Professional Cleaning is the Cherry on Top
Consider using a professional cleaning service every 12-18months. They use specialized equipment to not only clean but also prolong the life of furniture. Plus, the furniture looks and feels brand-new without the high price tag.

6. Fabric Fresheners for the Rescue
Fabric fresheners, when used in conjunction with deep cleanings, can be the best friend of your furniture. These fabric fresheners keep things smelling nice and offer stain protection.

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