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Bean Seeds in Uganda

Seed Shortage; a Hidden Crisis Undermining Uganda’s Prosperity

The ongoing rains in most parts of the country will likely go without being optimally used because farmers are unable to access sufficient quantities...

Heard about bike ambulances? They are reducing maternal mortality rates in rural Uganda

Here is how a well executed fast and simple plan is managing to reverse the trends of maternal health care system in Uganda. From...
BT Maize Trial at Namulonge

GMO concerns are just fear of the unknown

“A lie often told becomes the truth. The intention behind the Food Evolution film is to change public opinion. If we accept GMOs (Genetically...

Big-heart is synonymous to Ugandans.

On a random evening, people will be gathered in restaurants, bars, and homes to fund-raise for a wedding or a surprise birthday party. We...
Gorilla Trekking Expedition

Expeditions to Track Endangered Gorillas in Africa

Mountain gorillas are ranked among the most endangered wildlife and primate species on earth. With only about 1050 mountain gorillas remaining in the universe,...