New Journal Features Multiple Aspects that Help You Understand and Heal

“Recovering Self”, more than a journal. Despite only 87pp, the double-columned page feel almost like an anthology. “Recovering Self” has something for get more information.

It would be difficult to review all aspects of this journal. Instead, I will attempt to highlight the ones that are most significant for me and give a general idea of recovery.

Christy Lowry: Forgiveness: A God Thing “Forgiveness, A God Thing” focuses on a woman’s struggle to forgive the man who drove her daughter to death in her car. The article covered forgiveness and offered suggestions on how to get over our grief.

Frank A. Gerbode’s article entitled “A Theory of Resilience” provided insights and answers about how to deal trauma experiences, as also the stress levels that are triggered. He uses the example of a musical performance he was forced to stop. This is an example of how stress caused by a music stand crashing on top of him during practice can be illustrated. This article shows how stress can be affected by different circumstances for different people. Needless to mention, Frank Gerbode from Metapsychology contributed to the publication. I look forward for the future and am thrilled.

Sam Vaknin holds a deep conversation about gender and the sexuality and “Sex, Gender and Personality Disorders”. The discussion focuses on whether it is biologically or cultural. Vaknin’s discussion is not new but he provided enough information for everyone to make their own conclusions.

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