New Homes, Happy Pets Fighting the Good Fight Against Pet Odors

The pet owners are aware that although our pets provide an endless amount of joy, they may be a source of unpleasant scents to our home. It doesn’t matter if it’s your living room carpet or couch cushions, pet odors could cause a problem. But fear not, as there are effective methods and methods to deal with this issue, much like the care we observe at the carpet cleaning North Shore, click for source!

The first step to eliminating pet odor is to respond immediately. If an accident is left unattended for a long time in the air, the more it absorbs into fabrics and the harder it is to eliminate. Utilize paper towels to wipe every drop of spill as you can. This action is vital in preventing the odor from developing.

Enzymatic cleaning products are a game changer in the world of pet odor treatment. They are made from natural enzymes that breakdown organic matter in animal waste like urine or vomit and neutralize the smell. It is essential to fully cover the area affected and let the cleaner sit for the recommended amount of time to ensure it reaches deep into the pores where the bacteria responsible for odor are hiding.

Sometimes, the cause of the smell of a pet isn’t always as obvious as the result of a recent incident. Dogs can carry in many different smells or develop a ‘dog’ smell that permeates the fabric. In these cases it is possible that a thorough cleaning be needed. It can include a complete cleaning of the covers that are removable as well as a thorough clean for non-removable fabric. Steam cleaning could be beneficial as it penetrates deep into fibers and removes lingering smells.

If you want to add an extra level of protection against odors, consider using a fabric refresher designed to be used by pets. They are able to neutralize the smell of pets and are completely pet-safe. But, it’s an excellent idea to look over the label for possible hazardous components.

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