NBA Fantasy Basketball Has changed the game

As a result of the NBA’s new playing style, many teams must adapt their lineups. In the past teams were dominated by large men like Kevin Garnett Shaquille and Pau Gasol. This was because guards would compliment these players. The big-bodied men who dominated the court are now a distant memory unless these players can adapt their playing styles. Thanks to the three-pointer, NBA scoring has risen. Three pointers are being made by teams at record rates. More hints?

Fantasy basketball players are preferred to those who have the skill of shooting the three-pointer. Now it is obvious why Steve Kerr and others are choosing to play four-out-one in instead, which means that underdeveloped big men will no longer get their regular minutes.

In the past 5 years, the change of gameplay has compelled fantasy basketball pros to change how they research and draft their teams on a daily basis. Drafting big players that cannot perform at stretch can hurt your team in daily fantasy sports formats such as DraftKings.

Deandre Drummond and Jahlil Okafor are three players that used to dominate the glass. This was when they racked up many rebounds, blocks and easy scores. Because it’s so hard to guard a 3-point shooter, players score less today and take fewer blocks. The players who are affected by this underperform on all platforms, except in leagues with categories that include blocking. The Player Rater clearly shows that they’re inferior to Al Horford Giannis Antetokounmpo and Demarcuscousins. It is clear that the focus of the NBA has changed in recent years. Big men are now stretch players.

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