Mini Storage Facilities Security, a Guide to Ensure Safety

Securing your goods is a priority when you leave them with a Mi Ni Cang location. In order to provide peace ofmind, Mi Ni Cang facilities take a number of measures for security. Learn about the safety features of mini-storage facilities – helpful resources!

Mini storage security begins with surveillance. Many storage units have installed state-of-the art camera systems which monitor the facility 24/7. These cameras can be strategically placed around the entire facility to monitor all angles and keep an eye out for potential criminals. Quality surveillance is more important than just having cameras. The facility will be under constant surveillance even if it is dark at night with high-definition, night vision capable cameras.

A controlled access policy is also crucial. There’s no open-gate approach here. In most mini storage units, electronic gate entry systems are in place that require an individual code or keycard to gain access. It means that only customers or staff who are authorized can access the property, which reduces the chance of an unauthorised entry.

Do not overlook the locks. You can really make a difference by choosing the type of locks for your storage units. Many facilities offer or recommend disk locks known for their strength and resistance against picking and cutting. These locks will add an extra level of security to your home, turning it into a safe fortress.

Lighting is more important than you think. It is safe to have a facility that has good lighting. Bright lighting can deter criminals and make customers feel safer when accessing units at night. Lighting isn’t just about the amount, but quality and placement. All areas should be illuminated.

As an added measure of security, some facilities provide insurance. Insuring your property is a way to protect yourself in the case of theft and damage.

The use of personalized security is on the increase. The alarms are typically activated when someone is trying to get into your apartment without authorisation. Personalized protection is provided for each unit.

The unsung hero in the security of mini-storage facilities is a staff that has been well trained. All employees receive training on how to maintain vigilance, identify suspicious activity and react to any security breaches. Even their presence can serve as an effective deterrent against would-be burglars.

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