Melbourne’s Sub-Basin World: Site investigation is vital.

Ah, underpinning! Melbourne’s underpinning scene is a hero that goes unnoticed. They ensure our beautiful buildings, new and old, stand strong and proud. A site investigation sets the tone for all projects, but before they are even considered the main focus of attention there is a hero working behind the scenes. Take a closer look at this critical process, get the facts!

1. What lies below the Surface of Earth?

Imagine baking a delicious cake. Instead of reading the recipes, you throw random ingredients in and hope for success. You might think that sounds chaotic. Site investigation is essential before diving into the underpinning process. When we understand what lies beneath, be it the soil type, groundwater, or even old construction remnants, we are laying the foundations (pun intended!) for an underpinning job that is successful. This is the key to a successful sub-soiling project.

2. Melbourne’s soil:

Our city’s geologically unique history has blessed us (or cursed us) with a range of soils types. From sand to clay, the soil type can affect how we build. The only way to uncover these hidden secrets is through a detailed site assessment.

3. The Historical Perspectives are Here:

Melbourne offers a wide variety of architectural styles. Site investigations often uncover historic clues like forgotten utility or old building lines. In addition to preserving our city’s colorful history, this also assists in avoiding potential project obstacles.

4. Risk Mitigation:

There’s no denying that foundations come with their fair share of risk. Many of these hazards, like damaging adjoining properties or hitting underground utility lines, can be predicted and avoided with a comprehensive site investigation.

5. Cost Predictability:

Everyone hates financial surprises. This is particularly true for construction projects. It is easier to estimate costs when you have a thorough understanding of your site.

6. Customization of products is important:

As every Melbournian prefers a certain coffee, every construction site also requires an underpinning that is tailored to the specific needs of each project. Site investigations allow the engineering team to understand the challenges of the project and the characteristics. This allows the team to design a unique approach.

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