Magnetic Therapy – What is it?

Magnetic Therapy is often discussed and its natural healing powers. Most likely, you have heard of or seen magnetic therapy devices negative effects of mushrooms. Magnetic bracelets are one product that springs to mind. Magnetic therapy products are not limited to magnetic bracelets. They all claim to be natural stimuli that can relieve or cure health issues. Magnetic Therapy: What is it? As claimed, articles can heal various ailments and boost your immune system.

Magnetic Therapy – Definition

Magnetic therapy is a health alternative that involves the stimulation of magnetic fields in the body by electromagnetic devices or static magnets. It has been claimed to have health benefits. Some practitioners claim that exposing certain parts of the human body to magnetic fields can have beneficial effects on health. Common health problems such as allergies, pain, and dermatology issues can all be treated.

Magnetic Principle and Healing

The magnetic field of earth is a place where all life exists. This includes plant, animal and human life. The earth is a giant magnet and everyone on it has been exposed to the natural magnetic fields of the earth. Magnetism is necessary and healthy for life to exist on Earth. What would the world and humans be like without magnetism, I wonder? This principle is the basis of Magnetic Therapy, which uses magnetism’s natural healing properties to promote wellness and health by stimulating self-healing. The Practitioners are clear in stating that magnetic therapy is not a cure or a way to heal. Instead, it provides the body the ingredients needed to repair and heal itself.

Static vs Dynamic Magnetic Therapy

Static and dynamic magnetic therapy are the two main types. Static magnetism is the magnetism associated with standard metallic magnets. Static magnetic fields are present in horseshoe magnets and steel magnets that we used to play with as children. Static magnetic fields are always present, but can be weakened over time by improper handling. Magnetism in this form is used to make bracelets, jewelry and body wraps. It can also be found on shoe insoles. Although manufacturers of static magnet products claim that they have many health benefits, dynamic magnetic therapy is more beneficial and therapeutic.

Dynamic magnetic therapy uses magnetism to control the magnetic field in such a way that it energizes and de-energizes. The electronic device controls this form of magnetism, also known as pulsed magnetics or electromagnetism. Electromagnetism has an added therapeutic benefit that static magnetic therapy cannot provide. A dynamic or pulsating field can cause an electric current to flow in a conductive path. This pathway is formed in the body by the cells that connect. Electric currents flow provide a natural stimulation of cell tissue, which is far more beneficial than static magnetic devices. The current flow helps the body heal naturally by increasing our natural immunity against illness and disease.

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