How to Start Your Mobile Quick Auto Wash Company

You can make a living by offering to wash other cars’ vehicles blog here. Some people don’t need their cars washed every week, others only occasionally. You could create a flyer stating that you will visit the car wash every two weeks. Your services could have regular customers that would depend on you on an ongoing basis.

You could stop by some offices or industrial centres that have lots of parking spaces. You could offer to wash all cars if you have a set price. Only water and a high-pressure washer would be required. All this can be easily carried in the back or side of a pickup truck. People would love your service. Especially if they could get it cleaned up at work. This would really help them save time.

You could work in a different city each day and service another section until you reach your original town. It would take you just a handful of cars to make a lot of money. The flier should state how much you charge for car washes and notify new customers when you will be back to wash cars. If you do a thorough job and keep the cars clean, you will attract repeat customers and help to grow your business. You could also offer your services for car dealerships that might require additional help in washing their vehicles.

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