How Long Does Carpet Cleaning Take?

You can expect carpet cleaning to take between 5 minutes and 3 hours, continue? It all depends on how large the area is and what it has to be cleaned. Also, the condition of any furniture or other items that could block the cleaner’s path (such as desks and chairs). Additional time is needed to dry the carpets, which should be added to your service time.

This is the long answer

There are many factors which can affect the amount of time that carpet cleaning takes, and how long it takes for the carpet to dry.

How big the area that needs to be cleaned. The general rule for carpet cleaning is 20 minutes per room in small rooms (bedrooms or hallways), and 30 for large rooms (master bedrooms or living rooms). But this is just a general rule and you shouldn’t rely on it. Carpets that are heavily stained, soiled, or haven’t had their carpet cleaned in a long time will require multiple runs. This will increase the time it takes to clean them. Additionally, each carpet cleaning operation takes longer.

The condition and time taken to clean carpets. As previously mentioned, heavy dirt, grease, and other difficult stains can all add to the cleaning process. The more heavily stained carpets will require a more detailed approach. This includes pre-spray and perhaps even agitation using a special machine. This can take between 10-20 minutes per area, plus any set up time that may be required.

What is the carpet made out of Natural fibers are more delicate. Additionally, natural fibers don’t resist stains or grease as well as synthetic fibers. For natural fibers such wool to look their best, they will require a more rigorous maintenance regime and more frequent cleaning.

Additional solutions You can apply additional steps to your carpet cleaning depending on its condition and your requirements. These may include pre-spray or applying a protector after the carpet cleaning has been completed. Each step applies more fluid to carpets and creates moisture that must dry faster. These steps can increase the time taken to clean carpets and may cause the drying process to take longer than expected.

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