Forex Trading is an Income Source for Intelligent Investors

One source of income for an investor’s portfolio is forex trading. You don’t need to invest any capital. There are endless opportunities for earning income depending on how the forex trader manages his money. Trading foreign currency is much more lucrative than investing in full article.

1. Small capital expenditure
A minimum USD250 is required to open an account. A majority of forex brokers allow you to trade with a small or micro account. It will enable new traders to gain a better understanding of the market and allow them to trade with less money. Forex trading is not restricted by minimum investments. Options, futures or bonds have different requirements. USD1000 is the minimum required investment. A USD250 investment can double this amount in less than a month. It depends on the skill level of trader and how often you trade.

2. Very low transaction costs.
The fees for trading shares are not our responsibility. There are no broker fees. Broker fees are not required. They can be compensated with the bid-ask difference, which basically is the spread between the selling and purchasing prices. A difference in the price of buying or selling.

3. Trades may be made at any hour.
Forex trading is open 24 hours per year. Forex trading is available 24 hours a day in Singapore, Malayisa and the Philippines. It opens Mondays at 6am, closes Saturdays at 6 pm. You have the option to set your trading hours whether you’re a homemaker, professional, or both. You can trade forex part-time, or all-day. If your trades involve other instruments, you can’t do forex trading.

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