Flagpole purchase

Flagpoles can be as extravagant as possible and cost thousands of dollars, even larger poles. While an aluminum commercial mast measuring eighty feet might cost $10,000 it is still not the most expensive. You can make shorter residential poles more financially feasible, learn this here now.

Flagpoles are sold in kits and include all hardware. A $150 per-foot aluminum residentialpole, with an exterior halyard system which costs $500, will most likely include a flag, a ball or “finial” for the tip of a flagpole, pulleys or “truck assembly”, cleats, pulleys or “truck assemblies”, cleats, rope, or “halyard,” with snaphooks that keep the flag’s from snagging against it; flash collars to give your base a finished appearance; and clear instructions.

Because of the additional assembly time involved, internal halyards will be more expensive.

Fiberglass flagpoles tend to be more expensive than aluminum, because they last longer. Bronze is in higher demand and therefore is more expensive. Steel is the most expensive because it is practically invincible.

There are many flagpole suppliers to choose from. You can find one online, in your yellow book, or in your local yellow paper.

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