Facial Plastic Surgery Types Explained

Blepharoplasty. This procedure corrects puffy and droopy eyes bags, as well as sagging lids check that. This condition can age you.

Adjusting the upper lids will involve making small incisions that are placed along natural lines. After removing extra fat, muscle and skin, remaining soft tissues are stretched then sutured. Incisions are either made on the lower inner or outer lid depending on how visible the eyelash.

Chin surgery is also called mentoplasty. This procedure allows you to reduce the size or augment your chin. The incisions will either be under the chin or inside the mouth. In order to redefine the chin, the tissues can be stretched around the incision. The chin can be shrunk by creating an opening that is similar to the above and then sculpting or shrinking the bone. When you make the cut outside, it will result in a very faint scar.

Otoplasty refers to ear surgery. Operating on the folds behind the ears makes the scars nearly invisible. The sutures will hold any shape the cartilage has been sculpted in. The cartilage is removed and then the skin is stitched. Even patients as young a five-year-old can have this surgery. This will help to eliminate years of embarrassment.

Rhinoplasty, Surgery of Nose. Most incisions occur inside the nasal cavity when reconstructing the nase. There are no visible marks. There are some times when the septum is cut. Reshaping can also be done by removing cartilage or bone. After the nose has been shaped to the surgeon’s liking, it is then stitched. A splint is used to hold the newly formed shape in place.

Now let’s explain what goes on behind the scenes. You will now learn about all the details of the surgery you are having.

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