Lira Prepares to Evict Encroachments from Wetlands


People occupying wetlands and those cultivating in them in Lira district should start looking for other places to settle in before they are evicted forcefully.

Richard Mugolo, Chief Administrative Officer for Lira, says that the district is about to implement a directive by President Yoweri Museveni to free wetlands of settlements throughout the country.

In an interview on November 14 Mugolo said the District Environment Officer had received the president’s directive and would soon start to sensitise the community on the environmental importance of wetlands and why people must vacate them.

Mugolo said that after sensitisation, those found using wetlands for either settlement or cultivation would face eviction, arrests and prosecution.

Fabious Otike, the District Environment Officer of Lira district, said Ugandan laws governing land do not allow the issuance of land titles in wetlands.


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