Entangled: Eaters Of Souls By Graham Hancock

This is the heartbreaking and violent tale. But it is also exciting. Two main characters in women’s lives are intertwined. Leoni, in the twenty one century, and Ria, in prehistoric Spain (24,000 years) in the past. Leoni is trying out new medications and finds Ria to help her. Ria struggles to live her everyday life within her tribe. Ria offers her assistance and encourages warring teams to join forces to stop the enemy. The enemy is threatening all tribes and will consider more than just their territory. This team works under the control and direction of the evil chief. He feeds on the blood of human kids – and their hearts. If you are new to this sacred and life-changing medicine and how it can help you, you can check it out on YourHighestTruth – divine masculine traits

Leoni, a 17-year-old teenager 12 months prior to the 21stcentury is fleeing her managing mother and father. Leoni also meets other people who have been destined to use drugs as a way into Ria’s parallel universe. Leoni faces the same conflicts while Ria fights to save her life and her tribe’s. A loss in one dimension can mean devastation in the next. Leoni is caught up in Ria’s struggles. Leoni can escape the lads that chase her in her environment. Then, she will be free to enter that environment through DMT and later Ayahuasca. Shamans help Leoni in the Amazon. As she pulls that which will help her new companion inside the Stone Age, she evades her pursuers.

The brutality of this novel makes me sick. After torturing you and your children, the evil chief takes your blood and drinks it. This scenario is well-drawn and very efficient. The motion is swift and draws the reader into your story, regardless of the violence.

The idea of souls being devoured isn’t practical. It can only be used as an analogy about “lost spirits”, people who continue to stall in their own evolutionary process. Although drug-induced excursions may be valid, they are not likely to have an impact on other universes.

Even though the information is for others, there should be one reason to read this novel. That is to understand the relationship with the divine in many different ways. Hancock is providing some earth encounters of that nature. The use of drugs provides shamans with knowledge that is certain. This isn’t for the inexperienced and undirected. Nowadays, we are a lot more able to travel into other dimensions than the anxiety-ridden and horrifying scenes that were created in our heads from dread and our previous lives. It is dangerous because it opens doors to worlds we don’t know exist. Talk to some 60s hippies about their experiences with LSD. Hancock’s Supernatural explains the use of ayahuasca in order to travel into other dimensions. He shares some of the knowledge he has and that of many others. Prescription drugs are a common option but aren’t the most widely used unless there are strict guidelines.

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