Drug Detox For Steroid Abuse – A Serious Option

It is no surprise that athletes from all over related site the world use anabolic steroids. They are so common and easy to acquire, but they also have such dangerous side effects. The side effects are so severe that they have become a serious threat to health. The addictive properties of these drugs are a good reason to tighten the laws. As withdrawal from drugs can lead to unpredictable violence, treatment must include the most advanced drug detoxification and rehab procedures.

Kris Sperry is the Georgia’s top medical examiner. He said that Chris Benoit used anabolic steroid levels more than 10 times higher than normal at the time he hanged his self. Benoit was given testosterone shortly before he committed murder and then suicide. Sperry pointed out that Benoit had no other steroids. No consensus exists on whether or not testosterone may cause paranoia and depression as well as violent outbursts known by the term ‘roid-rage.’

No doubt, testosterone played a role in Benoit’s horrific acts. But there is no doubt that anabolic steroids are highly addictive and can cause severe side effects. Yale University found in a study that the long-term, high-dose usage of steroids could produce many signs and symptoms related to drug addiction. The withdrawal symptoms include the inability to quit using it and cravings. Drug rehab and detox are essential for long-term abusers of steroids.

NIDA describes steroid use as having side-effects such as aggression, paranoia and jealousy. It also includes feelings of invincibility or feeling like you are unbeatable, along with impaired judgement. Other side effects are cancer, liver tumors including cancerous types, infertility and decreased sperm numbers, male breast growth, increased prostate cancer risk, and stunted growth in teenagers. People should detoxify if they are abusing steroids.

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