Droopy Eyes Can Be Corrected With Eyelid Surgery

In the late 19th century, blepharosplasty (Eyelid Surgery to Treat Droopy Eyed) became an accepted term for treating eyelid tumours-induced deformities. Since World War II, doctors have made advances and developed new techniques. It was primarily due to the growing need for plastic reconstructive surgery. The surgery will not correct every wrinkle or puffy eye bags. Most of the time, laser surgery or injections into these areas can only temporarily improve them. It is either caused by muscle or nerve weakness. Plastic reconstruction surgery may be required to restore peripheral vision. It is not true of lower eyelids. Lower-eyelid procedures are performed to improve the cosmetic look, check this out.

For this surgery, patients must be over 35. While genetics are a consideration, the age of a patient is also important. The upper eyelids can droop and puff as we age. Asian men and women have different upper-eyelids. These people want to have a distinct eyelid crease. The candidate for an eyelid procedure must be in good health. Patients with high blood glucose, diabetes or cardiovascular diseases are ineligible. Patients with eye problems like glaucoma, dry-eyes syndrome and blepharitis can qualify for surgery. Plastic surgeons who are board-certified perform this outpatient procedure using local anesthesia. But they can also opt for general anesthesia. Combining a facelift with a brow lift is sometimes done to combat facial sagging.

It is possible to perform eyelid surgery in just one hour if the procedure is for cosmetic purposes. The plastic surgeon will first cut along the natural skin lines, removing all fat and excess tissue. Surgery can be performed without visible marks. Closed incisions with small sutures can be easily removed a few weeks after the surgery. It is normal for some swelling to occur one month after surgery. Makeup is permitted after 10 business days. It is necessary to recover for two weeks.

It is possible to improve the look of upper or lower eyelids with an eyelid procedure. Ask an experienced surgeon for their opinion on your credentials and results that they’ve achieved with other patients. Sometimes, it is used during reconstructive surgeries. Patients who are cosmetic may be able achieve results that they cannot get using other methods.

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