Dogs and puppies for sale

Selling puppies and dogs is more than an emotional decision if you are looking to buy a puppy or a dog. There are also many pitfalls for the uninformed buyer. Come and visit our website search it on you can learn more.

First, you should never purchase or accept an adult dog unless your goal is to find a good dog to put in a breeding program, or you are helping a friend or relative who is leaving for a different country. You must understand that dogs are social animals and require a hierarchy to function properly.

You can be viewed as a benign leader to which a dog looks up – what time to eat, when to walk, how to eliminate (if you live alone), and any other doggie activities. You can foster this bond by adopting a puppy from weeks 8 to 12, and the bond between you and your puppy will be stronger than the bond you’ll develop with an adult dog who has already formed a bond.

While this does not mean that you cannot form wonderful bonds with mature dogs, it is important to recognize how much harder this can be for a dog that has already developed certain bonds and must then give them up to make room for new ones.

So now you know that dogs and puppies may be appealing to you initially, but you will actually benefit more from a puppy.

Your “bad breeder” protection should be up when you are looking for puppies to buy. The reason is that there are tons puppy breeders out on the market who will only be interested in making a quick buck rather than offering you a dog that will grow into a great companion. Why is this? You might be wondering why breeding puppies isn’t a quick way to make a fortune. There are many things that must be done to ensure that the litter and dam have a healthy litter.

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