Different types of English Language

English has more than 500 millions speakers. After Chinese (both first and second languages together), it is the third most spoken language. English is used widely and is popular all over the world clicking here. Its popularity is attributed to the British Empire’s colonies in different parts of the nineteenth- and eighteenth-century and USA’s economic and political dominance since the nineteenth century.

English is dominant in culture, business, and diplomacy. The language also dominates science and communication. The United Nations adopted English as its official language. English is not the only global language, however. It can be spoken or written. English has two distinct types: British English, and American English. Oxford English Standard English is an adaptation.

British English

British English or UK English are the names Americans use to refer to English varieties that are spoken outside the US. This is used by Americans to differentiate between written English in the UK and other English varieties around the world. Commonwealth English has become more popular and widely used. British English taught in UK school has slight accents to some words. The formal language, British English, is consistent.

Americans have used British English to refer to spoken English in England. British citizens say that only they speak “real English”, while everyone else has an accent or nonstandard dialect. There are many dialects in the UK. Many dialects are spoken of English in different parts. Different dialects are spoken in different areas. Wales and Scotland are the most affected by these differences.

American English

American English is the dominant form of English that is spoken around the globe today. It is marked by “archaisms,” (words that had changed meanings, but still remained British colonies), as well as new vocabulary borrowed from French and Spanish colonists. The USA’s books, movies, and songs are a big part of its wide acceptance and widespread distribution.

American English, as well as regional variations of it, have been intensified by the USA. These variants result from elements of the original language of the immigrant groups, especially when it is down to pronunciation and vernacular. English is South Africa’s first language, as it is for other African nations. It’s the second most common language in India, Sri Lanka, Philippines, Bangladesh, etc. The second is the case. The teaching of English in India and Australia is dominated by British English. Singapore, South Africa Hong Kong, and South Africa also use British English.

Many different varieties of English are used in other countries. The audience’s expectations are the only thing that determines whether a variety is “correct” or not. Other media do not show as many differences. In contrast, spoken English varies, particularly in dialects and variations. There is no official standard for English (American or British). It is best to use a single type of English to ensure consistency and clarity. The choice between American and British English is subjective.

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