Best Carpet Cleaning Techniques

You will choose the best method for cleaning your carpets based on what you use and like more about the author. There are many options for cleaning powders, liquids and concentrates. There are also sanitizers. Consider the type of work you do before selecting the right product. Over time, as your carpets are washed more, you will find that customers become dissatisfied with carpets which are not as dry or clean as expected. You should learn how to properly clean carpets.

Carpet cleaning methods

Carpet cleaning with the Rotary Method

In this method, a rotary-flooring machine with only one disc is employed. The cleaner tank is filled with angled rotary brushes that scrub the carpet. The dirty solution will be removed with a wet vacuum.

Benefits Combining extraction techniques with rotation will remove heavy soil most effectively.

Less HTML0 HTML0- There are two machines needed, one floor machine and a wet-vacuum machine. If you want the wet-vacuum to work, your carpet must be divided into four-foot squares.

Carpet cleaning with foam

This machine uses foam to apply cleaner, which is then scrubbed into with nylon roller brush. You can remove residue by using a squeegee. You should follow-up with a dry vacuuming.

Foam prevents the carpet from getting soaked. The carpet dries fairly quickly.

Cons Doesn’t work well on heavy stains. Water damage can be caused by excessive wetting. Finding the right equipment can be difficult. These brushes can damage the fibers.

Carpet Cleaning Powder

In this relatively recent technique, dry powders impregnated in detergents or solvents used for dry cleaning are sprinkled directly on carpets. Rotating brushes then scrub the material into position. Dry-vacuuming removes the powder that contains dirt.

There is no risk of water damage. The carpet can be walked on straight. Powder can absorb a spill immediately.

Cons: Not useful on heavy soiling. Powder can stick to carpets causing them to re-soil. The brushes used on carpets can damage the fibers.

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