Bathtubs Refinished: How to maintain their appearance

Refinishing a damaged tub instead of purchasing a new model is an economical way to avoid waste. Although bath tub reglazing covers rusted surfaces, chips, crackeds, scratches and holes in the bathtub, it is important to know how to maintain the tub once the process has been completed. Waiting 48 hours to use the bathtub after it has been refinished is essential. Tubs that are used before they have been finished can cause damage to the surface, recommended site!

The ledges should not be left with bottles of soap or bar soap after the first waiting period has ended and the tub can again be used. The water can be trapped for a long time on the surface, causing the glaze to erode. You can purchase holders to hang inside the tub and shower. They will allow you to keep your shampoos and soaps close at hand without damaging your bathtub finish. The bathmats and wet towels that are hung above the side of a bathtub can be another source of moisture.

Although it is vital to maintain the appearance of your tub, you should avoid using cleaners that contain abrasives on its newly-finished surface. Clean porcelain and fiberglass surfaces with non-abrasive gel, liquid or foam cleaners. Cleaning the tub regularly will prevent the accumulation of scum. If there are no signs of dirt, regular cleanings remove the soap film. A nylon net scrubber or a plastic soft scrubber can be used to clean soap scum without damaging surfaces. A cheap, non-abrasive shampoo will remove any oily residue that may remain after reglazing the bath tub.

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