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Luxury Uganda Safari

Why is Uganda Considered an Expensive Destination?

Most tourists who visit the three East African region (including Kenya and Tanzania) and other African countries such as South Africa consider Uganda an...
Gorilla Habituation

Don’t Miss the 4 Hour Gorilla Habituation Experience

The major activity in Bwindi Forest is gorilla tracking within the impenetrable jungles. However there is a new activity that has been introduced in...
Gorilla Trekking

Gorilla Tours Can Broaden Your World

Recently I read about African safaris on the internet and these can make you discover the new world. All I can say the future...

Clean Your Plate, Love. Other children are starving!

At a younger age, I often had dinner at my grandmother’s house, and often I got to hear exactly this phrase. I imagine there...

Being HIV Positive, Diagnosed with Cancer & Tuberculosis Has not stopped this Superwoman From...

Stella Airoldi first met Susan laker in 2009 when she first came to Uganda while doing research about post war victims and witnesses. “I visited...